With this type, we refer to incidents related to fake e-shops. They are generally outside the remit of the hotline. We can identify a fake e-shop by several signs:

  • low price of products or services
  • the domain name does not correspond to the type of goods (e.g. it has an assortment of glasses and a domain
    is called kickscooters.com)
  • missing contact information (often only a contact form)
  • a phone number that cannot be called
  • an email that no one replies to
  • request for payment in advance, impossibility of delivery on delivery
  • confused terms of trade (often copied)
  • bad grammar

The domain on which the fake e-shop is located is not in the .SK zone, and we can advise the complainant (if it is not anonymous) where to turn. 

The domain is in the .SK zone and we can check the domain holder. Very often it is a fake person with a non-existent name (Mickey Mouse), address, seat, phone number. In this case, according to the rules of domain name registration, we can check the domain holder, or ask him to prove his seat (representation) in the EU. CZ.NIC is entitled to cancel the delegation of the domain name if the holder does not make corrections.