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OCHRÁŇMA.sk Hotline

The OCHRÁŇMA.sk hotline serves to report potentially illegal or obviously inappropriate content and is intended for anyone who has encountered it on the Internet.

The aim of the hotline is to minimise and prevent the further display of potentially illegal and manifestly inappropriate content on the Internet, which relates in particular to child abuse, inappropriate child nudity, cyber grooming (when a person approaches a child or young person for sexual contact) or dissemination of CSAM (Child sexual abuse material) and CSE (Child sexual extortion) according to Criminal Code No. 300/2005 Zb.

A reporting mechanism called ReportBox is used to deal with individual incidents. Thanks to its functionalities, the system allows you to sort requests into different categories, then assign a type to each incident and then work with it.

I want to report inappropiate content

Thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between PROTECT ME and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, effective cooperation is ensured and communication takes place through the agreed communication channel. As well as a cooperation agreement with the Police Force of the Slovak Republic.

And the opportunity to operate also thanks to our supporters Orange, Telekom, O2, Entrega, IN TECH, Nootropy, MadeCorp, Monkeymedia, BeOnMind and visibility.

Memorandum between Ministry of Interior and Ministry of social affairs

How can content be reported?

Through the web form at www.ochranma.sk, where it is possible to anonymously or non-anonymously report potentially illegal or obviously inappropriate content.
I want to report inappropiate content

What happens after reporting?

As soon as the report arrives in the internal ICCAM database, the ticket is automatically assigned to a certain category of ochranma.sk using the OTRS categorization program.
Subsequently, it is necessary to analyze the report and assign an adequate type to the ticket, which is recorded in the statistics.
The analysis is done by scrutinizing the reported link via ReportBox, which allows users to run any other operating system on a single computer. Common web browsers from at least two manufacturers are used (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox).
At the same time, we also use the Tor browser, which ensures the anonymity of the user when moving on the Internet and enables viewing of .onion domains, which cannot be searched in a classic web browser.
About Founder of PROTECT ME

Everybody has a story and I would like to tell you mine

When I started as an investigator in the Police Department in 2013, I would have never imagined that I would become an active specialist in the field of child pornography, child abuse, child exploitation and domestic violence during my career.

My work has taken me to interesting places, for example to Selm in Germany to train experts under the auspices of Europol. I met there, among others, Denton Howard, Executive Director of INHOPE. It is a global network fighting the spread of child sexual abuse on the internet in 46. countries of the world.

When I decided to voluntarily retire from the police force in 2021, I thought of Denton. I proposed to him that I would involve Slovakia in the hotline network under the auspices of INHOPE and he agreed. At the same time, I have also involved Slovakia in the network of EU Safer Internet Centres INSAFE.

The taboo topics of child pornography and pedophilia did not leave me indifferent even after I left the police. Those horrible and repulsive incidents are not easily forgotten. I wanted to keep fighting for children's rights and to protect them from sexual predators in the on-line space.. This is how the idea of founding the civil association PROTECT ME was born.

My effort was, and still is, to build an effective tool to reduce the impact of this criminal activity - to eliminate the already existing child pornography on-line, to prevent its further spread and to clean the Slovak Internet from pedophiles lurking on children.

JUDr. Roman Abrahám

October 2013 - March 2020
Police investigator specialising in vice offences, in particular child pornography, paedophilia, online child abuse and domestic violence.
March 2020 - November 2021
Criminal operative officer at the Criminal Police Office of the Presidium of the Police Corps, Computer Crime Department.
April 2022
Establishment of NGO PROTECT ME.
Lyon, France: Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Training (ICSE) Database.
The Hague, The Netherlands: 2-week analysis of new child pornography material, identification of production sites around the world and identification of victims and perpetrators - Video Taskforce 10 (VIDTF 10) - 63 children successfully identified and rescued.
Selm, Germany: Issues of cybercrime.
Budapest, Hungary: Identification of child pornography victims through various forensic programmes.
Budapest, Hungary: the fight against child pornography.

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